"...While there is only one actor onstage, this is actually a two-man play, so thoroughly does Katz bring his late mentor to life..."—Bar Harbor Times





“...worthy of any audience...”


       “David Katz’s one man play is an engrossing original dramatic work worthy of any audience. Mr. Katz has been known as an intellect and gifted musician and is now revealed as both a fine playwright and actor as well.”

          —Gordon Peters, Chief Percussionist (retired), Chicago Symphony Orchestra


“...entertaining, insightful, informative...and 
deeply moving...”


        “As a former conducting student of Pierre Monteux at his school in Hancock, Maine, I was somewhat prepared when I attended MUSE of FIRE, but I was not expecting to witness such an entertaining, insightful, informative, and at times, deeply moving depiction...It is very well written, acted and directed.”

          —Michael Charry, former head of conducting, Mannes School of Music, New York City


“...impressive theatrical ability...”


        “Mr. Katz has written a dramatically gripping account of his studies with the conductor Charles Bruck at the Pierre Monteux School in Hancock, Maine. Maestro Bruck was known as an extremely severe taskmaster, and Mr. Katz, who has impressive theatrical ability, represents this character with remarkable vividness... Whatever one’s knowledge of classical music, or lack of same, I can heartily recommend MUSE of FIRE as an absorbing and moving theatrical experience.”

          —John Canarina, Director of Orchestral Studies, Drake University, author, ‘Pierre Monteux’


“...great humor and great compassion..."


        “...a fine and compelling evening of theater...the play is a heartwarming, funny and touching tribute. Skillfully directed, the performance moves quickly and deftly through passages of great humor and great compassion. And Mr. Katz definitely has the “chops” for this show...moving through character voices, emotional peaks, punch lines and passions with great expertise.”

          —Kenneth Stack, Artistic Director, Acadia Repertory Theater, Bar Harbor, ME


"...an absolutely engrossing theatre-piece..."


     "Who knew that David Katz—a well-respected orchestra conductor—had so many arrows to his bow? That he could pen an absolutely engrossing theatre-piece? That he could deliver single-handed so mesmerizing a performance as a solo actor? That he was a personal friend of the great actor/director Charles Nelson Reilly, whose last production before his death would be "Muse of Fire"? Take my word for it: if you see "Muse of Fire" once, you'll want to see it again…and again!

     I've tried to come up with something that describes the tremendous impact, the hypnotic effect, this play has on me. I'm disappointed that it doesn't capture the amazement I feel about the play, but every word is genuine and heartfelt."

—David Daniels, distinguished conductor, editor and creator of "Daniels' Orchestral Music"


"...heart-stopping performance..."


     "Please allow me to THANK YOU for your heart-stopping performance in "Muse of Fire" that I was honored to witness during the most recent CODA conference. [March 2015] So many fond memories of my own mentors, those fire-spitting Eastern-European dragons who, in reality, love you like their own children…I cried and cried."

—Nayda Potemkina, orchestra director, faculty, Wesleyan University


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