"...the maestro instructs his students with the intensity of  Marine Corps drill sergeant preparing recruits for battle..."—Citizen News





Paraphrase of a line from the libretto of Death in Venice, opera by Benjamin Britten, text by Myfawnwy Piper.

Paraphrase of the words spoken by Mr. Chris Frosheiser, in memory of his son, Kurt Frosheiser, PV2, U.S. Army.

A Survivor from Warsaw, text and music by Arnold Schoenberg, used by permission of Belmont Music, copyright holder.

The playwright offers thanks, in absentia, to my dear friend, Charles Nelson Reilly, to Ruth Draper, Spalding Gray, Uta Hagen, Abe Burrows and the "Beloved Celestials", for their shining example, always to Julie Harris, and to Diane Kern.

"We never know how high we are Till we are called to rise.” —Emily Dickinson